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Dual-Layer MOOC exploration via DALMOOC

I am participating in another mooc – an edX mooc out of the University of Texas, Arlington on the subject of data, analytics, and learning. A bit of craziness given my current schedule but one that I feel warrants my time … Continue reading

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Quit Email, Embrace Open Leadership!

What if being overwhelmed is a symptom of a bumpy transition from the preInternet world to our current environment? What if email is based on preInternet communication?  Could email be contributing to overload and hampering open leadership? What if open leadership … Continue reading

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Has the Internet changed how we think? yet?

The other day I visited Edmonton’s telephone museum. I was struck by a transcript of the 1st phone call made from Edmonton. It read like a telegram. The interaction that was possible was beyond the conceptualization of the participants. “New … Continue reading

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