5 Things Worth Sharing April 6 – 12, 2015

1.) #Rhizo15 is about to start! If you are interested in a 3D, postmodern, global learning scrabble a la Deleuze, Guatarri & Cormier – its time to fasten your seatbelts! If you have no idea what I am talking about but you are curious and open to a fascinating learning extravaganza that can take off in unexpected directions and where you can learn lots – check out Dave Cormier’s write-up and consider signing up. The fun begins April 15th and no matter how you feel about it you are sure to learn lots.

2.) Light reading – all obvious – but still kind of a fun list. 9 Things You Can’t Remember Anymore Thanks To Technology.

DSC_00393.) Architecture as the containers of traced movements? Mapping the movements? Fascinating reading – an article by Doina Petrescu, called The Indeterminate Mapping of the Common, “This article is about mapping and its paradoxes: mapping as a tool to speak about the indeterminate relationship between humans and space, but also as a means to operate with this indeterminacy. These relationships can be represented, mapped out only if they are performed, acted upon, experienced through . . . By considering ‘walking’ as the beginning of architecture, Careri proposes another history of architecture – one which is not that of settlements, cities and buildings made of stones but of movements, displacements and flows …. It is an architecture which speaks about space not as being contained by walls but as made of routes, paths and relationships.”

Petrescu’s article makes me think of digital traces and relationships, PLNs, ‘visitors & residents’ (see pt. 4 in my previous post) and the stirrings of a societal move from concrete operational towards formal operations/ and emergent thinking.

4.) “diversity is not our deficit; it’s our operating system” one of HASTAC’s  (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) mottos

5,) Stay hydrated! I have recently witnessed how dehydration can lead to some pretty severe mental fuzziness. Slow thinking, fatigue, muscle cramps . . . the list of symptoms that can result from dehydration goes on and on. – a simple thing but worth remembering and worth sharing!

About Maureen Crawford

I work as a researcher and educational consultant. My undergraduate degree is in industrial design so design thinking has long been part of my process - emergent connectivist learning resonates strongly with me.
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