To Blog or not to Blog

One of the challenges to blogging is my internal editor who claims that I need to ‘save-up’ until I have something really substantial to blog about. The sort of inner voice that says, “I’ll pull together a blog when I have more time . . . more information . . . have thought it through a bit more etc., etc.” However, I think blogging benefits from being considered a practice. You show up, you commit, you publish and some posts are great and others not so great and thats OK, because you are practicing! I had a blog-dialogue along these lines with fellow blogger and Australian PLN scholar, Tanya Lau (btw Leo – my poem that she is alluding to can be found in the comments section here)

I like what Chris Lema has to say about blogging regularly.

Any writing benefits from consistent time and effort being paid to the craft.

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Up and Running

I once wrote a poem entitled, Ode to a Blank Piece of Paper ~ it spoke to the excitement of a fresh start and a new beginning and to a tiny sense of reluctance to make the first defining mark. Starting a new blog brings out many of the same feelings. I could spend hours just sorting through and trying on the wide variety of themes available through WordPress. I could, quite happily,  lose myself looking at all the bells and whistles associated with  Wordpress. Fun, daunting, time consuming!

This is not my first blog. I have been blogging since 2007 but bloggerspot has been my home. This fall I participated in an open online seminar called Exploring Personal Learning Networks.  It was orchestrated/hosted/facilitated by Jeff Merrell and Kimberly Scott out of Northwestern University in Chicago. If you are interested in my eXPLoRation of Personal Learning Networks checkout 

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