You is Us – in Symphony!

“Together we create a symphony of ideas.”  Doesn’t that phrase just perfectly sum up the idea of social networks?

Well sort of  – but perhaps our networks are not really a symphony of ideas – perhaps they are more of a jazz riff or as Andrew Sullivan said in Why I Blog, “more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is in many ways, writing out loud.” Networks and blogs are in many ways Thinking Out Loud.

In fact, I think I think a good analogy for a networked blog is the world of the disc jockey with remixes and mashups mixed in with some original work.

I came across an interesting article by Jeanne C Meister and Karie Willyerd called, Leading Virtual Teams to Real Results – the gist of which is that each of us are nodes that are capable of making connections.  They illustrate their point by referencing conductor Eric Whitacre and his project with a virtual choir in a performance of “Lux Aurumque“. – Just think 185 individual vocalists, who could not hear each other, from 12 countries.

“Together we create a symphony of ideas.” There is lots of food for thought here – I am going to leave this open to your exploring the implications! (and hopefully sharing your views in the comments section). For a little more to chew on check out Whitacre’s blog filling in some of the history of the project.

Another fascinating Whitacre project “sleep” involved 2052 voices from 58 countries.

About Maureen Crawford

I work as a researcher and educational consultant. My undergraduate degree is in industrial design so design thinking has long been part of my process - emergent connectivist learning resonates strongly with me.
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1 Response to You is Us – in Symphony!

  1. jmitko says:

    Together we are a symphony of ideas. That’s a pretty good mission statement for the internet if I ever read one. YOu know what it makes me think to immediately – are the people who are ill and post their diagnosis/charts online for doctors around the planet to review. Somewhere, someone may have some different viewpoint on the situation and when presented to the group – may create a miracle. Online networks are powerful and amazing.

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