10 Things Worth Sharing – March 8 – 15, 2015

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  1. Poetry and graphic facilitation are near and dear to my heart. I am also fascinated by networks so Stephanie Posavec’s work has an immediate appeal for me! A coined word that I have been using for a while now is, “metacogknitting”. I would say that Stephanie is a master metacogknitter. She claims, “Some people knit scarves while watching television; I, on the other hand, knit together information visualisations.”  The “book”on the site is animated and you can view the whole thing by clicking on it. Click here for another site featuring Posavec’s work.
  2. Interesting musing on what an interim hostel for serial cMOOCers would look like. – a place where the “content will be the residue left behind by the cognitive sawing and hammering done by visiting carpenters”
  3. The power of writing your personal story – there maybe more to it than you imagined!
  4. Even better, why not write a letter to your future self! Or perhaps write a letter to your children that they will receive in the future – lots of possibilities.
  5. As a leader what do you do when, They’re Excited – You’re Not, how do you respond? 10 responses to imperfect ideas.
  6. More about networks and language. “Deaf” (uppercase D) is a culture whereas “deaf” (lowercase d) is an audio deficit. Internet Slang Meets American Sign Language looks at how Deaf culture operates as a network to collaborate on new motions for web-based terms.
  7. Speed-hearing as Discrimination more thought on hearing from an important person in my PLN (personal learning network), Maha Bali. Maha is a prolific writer and she always has interesting things to say. I think her education blog, Reflecting Allowed, is well worth following.
  8. Design 101 for Educators: 5 Simple Typography Tips
  9. My Take on the Term MOOC  is one of my own blog posts in which I deconstruct what the term MOOC means to me from the perspective of a participant.
  10. Once again, I have saved one of the best links for the last. The Cynefin Framework or “the place of your multiple belongings” is an 8:37 minute YouTube clip with explanation from The Cynefin originator, Dave Snowden. It brings new clarity to the terms; complexity, emergence, and chaos.

About Maureen Crawford

I work as a researcher and educational consultant. My undergraduate degree is in industrial design so design thinking has long been part of my process - emergent connectivist learning resonates strongly with me.
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