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I work as a researcher and educational consultant. My undergraduate degree is in industrial design so design thinking has long been part of my process - emergent connectivist learning resonates strongly with me.

Dual-Layer MOOC exploration via DALMOOC

I am participating in another mooc – an edX mooc out of the University of Texas, Arlington on the subject of data, analytics, and learning. A bit of craziness given my current schedule but one that I feel warrants my time … Continue reading

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Quit Email, Embrace Open Leadership!

What if being overwhelmed is a symptom of a bumpy transition from the preInternet world to our current environment? What if email is based on preInternet communication?  Could email be contributing to overload and hampering open leadership? What if open leadership … Continue reading

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Has the Internet changed how we think? yet?

The other day I visited Edmonton’s telephone museum. I was struck by a transcript of the 1st phone call made from Edmonton. It read like a telegram. The interaction that was possible was beyond the conceptualization of the participants. “New … Continue reading

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Press Pause, Let Go, Let Flow

I pressed pause on my Internet use. It was simple and appropriate. I did it for two days, without fanfare, without having to post and notify. I did it without really planning for it – it was an intuitive response … Continue reading

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Internet Poempathy

I have been thinking a great deal about the meta rhizomatic language of the Internet – the ways in which it is manifesting, the implications, where personal learning networks/PLNs fit into the picture (thinking about boundaries and peripheries and similarities … Continue reading

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Leaping Internet Lingo Produces Knowmads!

  This post is a fulfillment of the promise I made in my previous piece, Networks are Expanding Our Ignorance, to expand on my musings regarding Logan’s thesis of human meta-languages being evolutionary responses to information overload, specifically dealing with, The Sixth Language: … Continue reading

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Networks are Expanding Our Ignorance

My father, prior to retirement, was a research scientist, professor, academic – he exemplified what most people think of when they use the term ‘an expert in his field’.  My dad was very wary of the term expert. When I … Continue reading

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You is Us – in Symphony!

“Together we create a symphony of ideas.”  Doesn’t that phrase just perfectly sum up the idea of social networks? Well sort of  – but perhaps our networks are not really a symphony of ideas – perhaps they are more of a … Continue reading

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Cheating as Learning?

I could not resist Kevin Hodgson’s, Meandering Mind and his invitation to Steal This Poem! I love the way he pulled the #Rhizo14, Cheating as Learning quest into a creative commons type of challenge to remix and remash. For me cheating, learning … Continue reading

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Mechanically Self-enforced Independence

Enforcing independence is the topic for week two of Rhizo14 ~ an oxymoron if ever there was one. The concept was introduced with the idea of the teacher or facilitator forcing students to be independent but I am going to … Continue reading

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